Content Creator Course – 2 days

This class will teach you everything you need to get started, how to shoot, how to tell a compelling story and how to edit using the latest editing software. By the end of the two days you will have produced your own short film and will understand what it takes to make a really good video.

Dominique Vandenhoudt


Why this course?…

We’re going to walk you through a very well-defined step-by-step process that is going to teach you how to make perfect video every single time, no matter what the subject matter, no matter where the location. Whether you’re planning on creating compelling video for your own website, using video to enhance your business presentations, using video to sell your house or your car, or even yourself; or just making great home video, this is the course for you. In the course of the 2-day session you’ll actually go out and shoot all the elements of a video piece. Then you’ll script it, track it, edit it and screen it for a professional critique before you take it home.Working with your personal instructors, you will learn everything you need to know to produce professional quality video on what is essentially home-video equipment. It’s fast, it’s cheap and it’s simple to do, once you know what to do.

Course Content

What are the elements of a great video story?

How do I ‘shoot for the cut’, and make every shot count?

Critiquing your video – what works and what does not

How to get great audio

Interview? Or not?

How to assemble a video story

The importance of storytelling – how to make it compelling

How to edit your video – everything you need to know.

How to upload and share your video

What equipment should I get?

Course Preparation

For this course you will need a video camera or smartphone and a laptop with the required editing software. If you have questions about your equipment and would like to speak with an advisor contact us and we will be happy to help.

Kindly read the Terms & Conditions carefully, and indicate your consent when you book a course with us. If you do not agree with our Terms & Conditions, you cannot apply for participation to our trainings.

day 1


How to shoot perfect footage every time with the 5 Shot Method

Shooting instruction and assignment

Shoot your first story

Group screening

day 2

The art of video storytelling

The Grammar of Editing

How to edit

Edit your first story

Group screening


2 day Content Creators Course

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Course Fee

Accommodation, 4 star guesthouse (close to training venue) – 1 day

Meals (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)- 2 days

Transport (from guesthouse to trainings venue)

Certificate of participation

Brandon van der Mescht


“Dominique has the ability to explain and demonstrate techniques in his course that is easy to understand.

I went from aimlessly clicking around in actions, to having a clear and precise method to my editing.

I had my first short story filmed and edited in the first few sessions “

Our Venue

‘The Stables’, the home of Media Academy Cape Town, is located in one of Cape Towns most treasured destinations, the Noordhoek Valley.   Situated at the foot of Chapman’s Peak and surrounded by Table Mountain National Park, Noordhoek has a delightful village atmosphere with beautiful mountain and sea views.  It is home to some of the finest restaurants, diverse communities and has a definite equestrian feel to it due to its large horse population.  In fact our training venue itself, The Stables, was once home to horses but now is a beautiful video studio where students can feel relaxed and inspired surrounded by a natural environment of peace and tranquillity.


2 Sea Cottage Drive, Noordhoek Cape Town / South-Africa



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Discover a world of unique experiences, be inspired by Cape Town’s wine & cuisine, culture & heritage. We can assist you through one of our partners in creating a wonderful holiday after the course.

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